Social Smart City, paper presented at the EGOV2016 conference

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Digital and social strategies
We’re introducing Digital and Social Strategies for Participatory Governance in Smart Cities. Co-author Bert Groot presented this paper in Portugal, Guimarães at the IFIP eGov conference held between Sep 5th – 8th, 2016. Read the rest of this entry »

Social Media Strategy Cone published in the International Journal of Information Management

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Our recent article about social media strategy got published in the first edition of the International Journal of Information Management of 2016. Together with Ton Spil we developed the social media strategy cone as a framework to evaluate social media strategies. Here you can read the abstract, find a link to the official publication and download the article. Read the rest of this entry »

Book Chapter: Social Media Indicator and Local Elections

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Social media has become a popular tool in the political landscape. As a result, it is of increased importance to evaluate social media campaigns of politicians. However, there is currently little knowledge how to measure and evaluate the influence of social media in political campaigns, especially at the local scale. This chapter is a step further towards the development of a theoretical framework and an algorithm that contributes to more reliable impact measurement of social media campaigns by politicians. The Social Media Indicator-2 framework and a related scoring algorithm are introduced to evaluate the influence of individual political candidates via social media on their social environment.
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Doctorate Ph.D. Defense

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With great gratitude I hereby officially announce my Ph.D. Defense. My defense is taking place on November 12 at the University of Twente in Enschede.

The title of my dissertation is “The Social Media Participation Framework”.

You can download the full PDF of the dissertation here.

The official invitation for this special day including a seminar about social media in the nonprofit sector can be found by clicking here.

Social Media Participation and Local Politics

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This paper was nominated for the best paper award at the international conference of Electronic Participation.
Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are often seen as political game changers. Yet little is known of the effects of social media on local politics. In this paper the Social Media Participation Model (SMPM) is introduced for studying the effects of social media on local political communities. The SMPM aims to explore the relationship between Social Media Participation and Community Participation. The model comprises four constructs: Social Media Choice, Social Media Use, Sense of Community and Community Engagement. The design of the case study was based on the SMPM and took place among the members and parties of the Enschede council, from a large municipality.
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Social Media Strategy Design

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Social Media Strategy Design Figure 1

Social media strategy is a new and emerging field. Social media strategy is a corporate plan or policy to provide directions regarding social media practices in order to achieve business opportunities, reduce risks, and deal with unregulated personal use of employees. Organizations struggle with social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn because they are blurring the borders between our personal and professional lives. A strategic approach can help to address opportunities and risks that come from using social media in both commercial and non-profit domains. Based on a systematic literature review (Effing, 2013), an integrated framework for is presented: The Social Media Strategy Design (SMSD) framework. The framework shows four phases and seven key aspects of social media strategy, maximizing benefits and minimizing risks for organizations.

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De sociale netwerkkerk

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De sociale netwerkkerk: De verbindende kracht van Facebook, YouTube, Twitter en LinkedIn
(verschenen op 12 april 2013) is een boek over social media en gemeenschapsopbouw voor iedereen die betrokken is bij kerkvernieuwing.

Auteurs: Robin Effing, Ds. Jan Holtslag, Pastor Anton ten Klooster, Pastor Roderick Vonhögen, Albert Wieringa, Sven Wielstra, Prof. Dr. Jos van Hillegersberg en Prof. Dr. Theo Huibers.

Bestel nu op , of bij uw favoriete boekhandel.

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TEDx Social Kingdom Come

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In this TEDx talk I explain my dream of a social kingdom based on new networks, new technology and new behavior. Recorded at the TEDxSaxionUniversity Salon of November 2th, 2012.

Book Chapter: Measuring the Effects of Social Media Participation on Political Party Communities

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Political parties can potentially benefit from Social Media to shape interactions between their members. This chapter presents the Social Media Participation Model (SMPM), which measures the effects of Social Media Participation on political party communities. As people and politicians increasingly adopt Social Media, measuring the effects of Social Media participation on party communities has become more important.
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Workshop Archdiocese, looking back on the social media study-event (Dutch)

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Robin Effing, teaching in the Ariëns room.

Robin Effing, teaching in the Ariëns room.

It was a pleasure to teach to Catholic professionals who are working on a day-to-day basis with vocations. This is the article that was posted on the Vocations board website and in the Archdiocese magazine Op Tocht.

Het was een genoegen om een workshop te mogen verzorgen voor Katholieke professionals die zich inzetten met betrekking tot roepingen. Hier volgt het verslag zoals deze is geplaatst op de website van de Roepingenraad en het magazine Op Tocht van het aartsbisdom.
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